Deanship, Scientific Research

CEMS-RI Weekly Seminar on June 02, 2021 by Mr. David Rennie

by Mr David Rennie (Technical Manager, Unique System (UK) Ltd, United Kingdom)





Mr. David Rennie

Technical Manager,

Unique System (UK) Ltd,

United Kingdom. 


This presentation described the applications of un-manned surface vehicles for marine surveys. Un-manned surface vehicles (USVs; also known as un-manned surface vessels (USVs) or (in some cases) autonomous surface vehicles (ASVs), or colloquially drone ships are boats that operate on the surface of the water without a crew. They are ideal for surveying in areas where the larger vessels cannot approach, and in areas where human access is not possible / engine noise is not acceptable (for eg. Environmentally protected areas, acidic water areas, atmospherically contaminated areas, very shallow areas) for survey and support tasks where a smaller vessel are better suited for missions, offering efficient bathymetry from an unmanned platform. USV can operate autonomously or remotely on water surface where conventional methods are not ideal and helps avoid mobilizing vessel of opportunity. The platform with small moon pool and facilities to fix the sensors makes it ideal to store on the mother vessel deck and ready to deploy survey launch.

Location: Online Zoom Room - Join Meeting (Password: 997228 )