College of Engineering and Physics

Webinar - Physics Department

by Qing Peng (Physics)




Concentration: Computational Materials and Modeling



Why should you consider joining?

The key to any technological development is having the proper materials. With the era of nanotechnology and the Internet of Things, the simulation-based design of advanced materials is essential and indispensable for vision 2030 and industry 4.0 but such workforces are limited in the KSA. This CMM program aims to prepare you with various backgrounds to be able to model, simulate, and design materials. The main features of the program are (1) Emphasizing the practical and hands-on experience (2) Broadening the scope of vision and skills, and (3) Focusing on skills in computational materials.



Dr. Qing Peng

Associate Professor & Coordinator of CX program

Department of Physics, KFUPM


Date: Tuesday, 8 June  2021

Time: 2:00 PM

Location:   Online Zoom Room : Join Meeting